Toonies for Change Rules

(revised October, 2020)

  • All players must be 19 years of age and older, and residents of Nova Scotia.

  • All data entry for the weekly draw shall be administered online and draws will be made manually using online-generated data and a “bingo” machine. 

  • Entries will be accepted until 1:59PM, every Tuesday.  Play for the following week will resume at 2PM the same day.

  • The draw shall be made every Tuesday; best efforts will be made to communicate the results of the draw by email to all registrants by 10pm Tuesday .  

  • Best efforts will be made to resume play for the following week’s draw within an hour of the previous draw.

  • When unforeseen circumstances prevent a scheduled draw, the draw may be postponed as necessary; registrants will be notified of the revised draw date and time.

  • The draw shall be made from the active registration NUMBERS (not from the TOONIES played). To remain active players must maintain a minimum online prepay balance of $2.

  • A participant may play more than one number each week if they have more than one registered player number.

  • The TfC licence does not permit rollovers. A winner will be guaranteed since the winning number will be drawn solely from a list of active players. 

  • The prize shall be 50% of the revenues generated from each week’s plays.  The remainder, after deduction of costs, shall be donated to appropriate charities.

  • Best efforts shall be made to send the results of the draw in a timely manner by email to all registrants providing valid email addresses.  The results shall also be posted on the Toonies for Change website, and on social media.

  • A registration number may be removed from the active list upon written request, or by sending an email to the Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest.

  • Where a registration number has not been played for a period exceeding 15 consecutive weeks, the Rotary Club may withdraw the number from the active list. The number may be re-instated at the request of the player whose number was withdrawn.

  • Each prizewinner may be required to present valid photo ID including proof of age and Nova Scotia residence.

  • In the case of any issue or discrepancy regarding the conduct or results of the weekly draw, the decision of the Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest shall be final.