(revised August, 2018)

  • All players must be 19 years of age and older.

  • Subject to 3 below, the draw shall be made every TUESDAY afternoon. Play for that week may continue until no later than 2:00 p.m. on each TUESDAY.

  • When inclement weather, public holiday or other event prevents access to collection boxes, the collection and draw may be postponed for 24 hours.

  • The draw shall be made from the active Registration NUMBERS (not from the TOONIES played).

  • A participant may play more than one number each week by completing more than one registration card.

  • All active registration numbers shall be included in each weekly draw whether or not the owner of the registration number has participated.

  • When a registration number is drawn and that number has not been played that week the prize shall roll over to the following week.

  • The prize shall be 50% of the revenues generated from each week’s plays.  The remainder, after deduction of costs, shall be donated to appropriate charities.

  • In the event that the prize is forecast to exceed $10,000, the draw shall be ‘forced’, by repeating it until a number is drawn that has been played that week.

  • Best efforts shall be made to send the results of the draw by email to all registrants providing valid email addresses.  The results shall also be posted on the Toonies for Change website, and on each collection box.

  • A registration number may be removed from the active list upon written request, or by sending an email to the Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest.

  • Where a registration number has not been played for a period exceeding 15 consecutive weeks, and after the Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest has made efforts to contact the owner, the Rotary Club may withdraw the number from the active list.

  • Each prizewinner may be required to present valid photo ID including proof of age.

  • In the case of any issue or discrepancy regarding the conduct or results of the weekly draw, the decision of the Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest shall be final.

  • A list of vendors or other locations where collection boxes are positioned shall be promulgated on the Toonies For Change website.

  • In consultation with the Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division of Access Nova Scotia, the Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest may make changes to these playing rules without notice.

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